About Us

Insight is Nepal’s largest non-profit web platform.  Our mission is to bring a revolution in how ideas are exchanged in Nepal. We work in the sphere of culture, society and development through traditional and innovative media and focus on bringing extraordinary insights to ordinary ideas. 

Founded in a backdrop of civil restlessness and an insidious feeling of powerlessness in the population to change the current discourse of politics, society and culture, Insight sought to become a haven for those who want to voice their core ideas, who can lace their desire for change with practical application, who are uninhibited and bold, and for those who can bridge their ideas of the future to the realities of the present.

The platform was founded to serve for emerging and established social workers, leaders, policymakers, volunteers, writers, and concerned citizens to discuss, share and collaborate on ideas they care about the most. It has now expanded to become the pioneer of implementing innovative technology to create sustainable and equitable social impact.

Insight is maintained and published by The Eclectic Foundation, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Nepal. If you’re in Nepal, support our effort with a donation here.