The gaze, the hunger, the burning flames
I stand transfixed, no more games
Or perhaps I’m wrong, for we shall play
Rid of all rules , we were here to stay

Her eyes steadfast, her tongue took a stride
She tasted her lips; her teeth joined the ride
She ran her hands over her tempting form
Blood rushed forward; I invited the storm

I drank in her beauty, quenching my eyes
Knowing this was to be my blissful demise
Every muscle in my body ached to pounce
Explore her being, every inch, every ounce

She started to sway to the jingle of the night
Her robe gave away, she stood proud in the light
Her body a piece of art, my eyes studied in awe
From her hair to her feet, sinful perfection I saw

Fishnets and stilettos her choice of attire
My mind a blur, further fueling my fire
She bared her teeth in a dazzle of white
And struck a pose, what an incredible sight!

Her bodysuit had no intention to conceal
Her breasts, her love, she wanted to reveal
My ego inflated, I couldn’t help but grin
She was mine to love, and it would be no sin

As I proceeded to abate my burning hunger
I took a moment’s time to study her longer
Her hair tied up, exposing her delicate neck
Oh she could leave any man a helpless wreck

She turned on the music and invited me to dance
My feet moved on their own, trapped in the trance
Her first touch sending shockwaves through me
She drew inches from me, as I stared into the sea

Tempests of passion swirled in sparkling blue
How I was to calm it I had but no clue
Their violent lashes only edging me further
My bloodshot pools fast encompassing with colour

So many men have previously treaded these flames
Captured in lust, some have given away their names
Was I too being sucked into this abyss of desire
Cause I wanted this so bad, wanted to feel the fire

Turn my skin to a shimmering sight of blisters
Her touch burns, and as my restraint withers
I pull her towards me, my body wanting to feel
More of her flesh I desire, to burn and also heal

And dance on we do, this long winter night
With each step we take this seems so right
There was no time for winter’s chills to gnaw
I was losing control, and I pounce and I claw

She laughed a devilish laugh, and evaded my grip
She teased and ran from me, a delightful trip
We shall travel on this road and visit many a nation
Witness flashing colours and stars in utter jubilation

No reasons for anxiety, our minds operated as one
No creases on our foreheads, only signs of fun
My grip on her at last, and it was oh so tight
At each other’s disposal without a reason to fight

Her olive skin glowed in the licks of the blaze
We pressed against each other, our minds in a daze
We would make love till our mortal bodies give away
Till then, the night is ours, and away we sway !!

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Noor-e-Elahi ibn-e-Zaman is an enthusiast with profound interest in literature and art and philosophy from Bangladesh. When he's not wondering about the realm, he can be found at the cupboard under the staircase. His CV however says that he's an electrical and electronic engineer.

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Linur Chubaev
Linur Chubaev

This is beautiful…


This is the perfect Valentines poem for my girl!!